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Welcome to Input Hardware Page ! 

I hope that you read  introduction before you came this site. If you are not, please go to Introduction page where you can find the comprehensive descriptions  of what Input Hardware is.  It is very important for you to read it first in order for you to make sense this page. 

Why are you as a library need to know about Input Hardware? Well, if you have an experience working at any kind of library, you might know the benefits of having this knowledge. For example, many people are going to use library and have to try to meets their needs regarding usage of library. For blind person, it is important for the library to have some service which allows blind person to search information. To meets various people's needs, it is important for librarian to know what kind of Input Hardware are available Today.

You can learn about each topic by clicking icon bellow. So, are you ready to learn more about Input Hardware? 

Here are topics that I cover: